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Patrice Latyr Evra is a French soccer player on Manchester United and the French National team. Patrice was apart of a strike involving French players during the FIFA World Cup which made him loose captaincy and put him on the bench. Patrice has scored two goals as a defender on Manchester United.

Adrenalyn XL & Super Strikes Cards[]

2009-10 UEFA Champions League

Base Off 78 Def 77 Star 81 Pos D

2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup International Edition & UK

Base Off 73 Def 77 Star 83 Pos D

2010-11 UEFA Champions League

Base Off 75 Def 77 Star 83 Pos D

Manchester United 2011

Home Kit Off 64 Def 92 Star 93 Pos D
Away Kit Off 61 Def 89 Star 90 Pos D
Special Off 69 Def 97 Star 98 Pos D

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