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Jose Juan "J.J." Barea is a NBA player on the Dallas Mavericks. J.J. was the CAA Player of the Year in 2006 while playing for Northeasten.

Official Autograph Card[]

On the 24th of Febuary, Panini held aNBA Adrenalyn XL event at the Mavericks vs Lakers game at the American Airline Center. The event included the autographs of J.J. Barea and Rodrigue Beaubois on Adrenalyn XL cards avaliable to win at the Adrenalyn Bus. The cards had autographs and have the Authentic Panini Signature stamp on the two cards. Also at the event one fan would play J.J. Barea on the jumbotron andPanini was handing out free Adrenalyn XL packs. Over all, Panini gave out 15,000 packs of Adrenalyn XL to fans at the game.

Adrenalyn XL Cards[]

Series 1

Base Off 83 Def 82 Star 80 Pos G


Off 83 Def 82 Star 80 Pos G

Series 2

Base Off 80 Def 74 Star 5 Pos G

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