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Welcome to the Adrenalyn XL Wiki

This is a database for those who play all Adrenalyn XL and Super Strikes games and collect the cards. Created by Panini there are NBA , NFL, NHL and many soccer sets from all around the world.

Adrenalyn XL

Did You Know...

  • ...that Jason Kidd's Series 1 Special card has the wrong stats?
  • ...that Stephen Curry's Series 2 All Star card had a picture of Eric Gordon online?
  • ...that the NBA Adrenalyn XL Series 1 folder checklist contains Salim Stoudamire on the Bucks, which is not a card?
  • ...that many soccer players in the set have 2010 FIFA World Cup cards even though they did not play in the event?
  • ...that The Hurricane is the only mascot card in all of Adrenalyn XL?
  • ...that Panini does not have the licence to make the England National Football Team and had to make the team only England ?

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